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News that makes you smarter.

Wouldn’t it be great if you always got a little bit smarter – a little bit closer to your business goals – every time you opened an email? Yeah, right! It’s a sad truth that most email newsletters never actually get read. Most email newsletters in my inbox either get deleted or “marked as read” but not actually read! Why? Because most emails just don’t deliver what I need to know.

PromoStories brings you the best ideas you won’t find anywhere else. From underground guerrilla marketing strategies to new twists on tried-and-true methods, you’ll always find something new.

Here’s the sort of stuff you’ll find in each release of PromoStories:

  • Market segmentation strategies that save big money on marketing costs while delivering the best possible new customers
  • Copy-and-paste email and webpage copy creatively designed to boost your sales
  • List building tactics that focus on generating the highest quality leads
  • Hot tips on how to amaze your best customers with top-notch customer appreciation
  • All kinds of brand building info so you can get the best results for your marketing dollar
  • … oh, and much more!

Written by cool people who know what they’re talking about.

PromoStories is connected with High Note Media, a business that provides marketing products and services to clients all over North America. We’re doing this stuff all day long, and we want you to improve your marketing in hopes that one day you’ll think of us. Yes, PromoStories is a commercial blog. But, rather than slam promotional offers down your throat, PromoStories is designed to provide actual value.

So go ahead, sign up and check us out! You can always unsubscribe anytime if you’re not happy.