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With one million choices, it can seem impossible to just pick one.

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You’ve seen the stats and you’re coming around to believe the hype: Promotional product advertising can actually do what it claims to do and (if you’re smart about it) can absolutely work wonders for your business.

If you’re new to using promotional products, perhaps you’ve seen a few ideas and you’re wondering what will work best for your business. Pens, mugs, t-shirts, yo-yo’s… you know they’re all options worth exploring. But what’s the best product for you?  And once you’ve picked a product, what messaging are you going to print? How are you going to distribute them to your target audience? How will you achieve optimal results?

How could anyone possibly  pick a “sure winner” from a pool of hundreds of thousands of items?

I’m a trained and certified industry professional, and sometimes it’s even tough for me to answer that question!

My name is Brian Kerr. I’m building and other PromoStories social media (I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest) to help busy people like you sort through the maze of possibilities and find the best promotions for your ongoing and one-time promotional efforts.

I want PromoStories to be a place you can visit when you have questions about promo products and when you want to brainstorm ideas. Here are a few of the questions I hope this site will address:

  • What kind of promo products should I use?
  • I’ve never heard of that brand. Is the quality any good?
  • Do I just put my logo on it? What else should I print on it?
  • How do I know I’m getting the most value out of my advertising dollars?
  • I just ordered 1,000 pens. How do I put them into the hands of my most promising prospects?

Of course, with a million (or possibly more) products to choose from, it’s impossible for me to review every available option. If you think of or see anything elsewhere and you have a question, please email me or contact me through social media. I’m here to help!

To Your Success,

Brian Kerr, BASI
Promotional Products Advisor and Distributor
High Note Media Inc / /

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